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MDM( Shenzhen ) Construction Co., Ltd.founded in 2014 in shenzhen, is mainly engaged in the research and development and construction of new green and environment-friendly buildings. With a number of invention patents, it is one of the most innovative architectural design companies.Since its establishment, dovi has helped developers (such as Vanke, Chun Wo, Changshi and Sun Hung Kai) in Hong Kong and the mainland to complete 12 construction projects with a total area of 1 million square meters.The reason why MDM is favored by consumers is that the building combines the green and environmental protection approach and directly pushes innovative products to consumers, so as to make the whole building process more consistent with environmental protection, energy conservation and efficiency.

MDM's main products are MatrixDeck system and Precast Facade,Precast Staircase,Precast Structural Wall,Precast Column,Precast Beam,Precast Refuse Chute,Precast Balcony,etc. The company has research and development center, automation technology center, precision mold processing center and independent laboratories, with the industry's advanced high-precision production and testing equipment.BIM technology is adopted in the design of the company, which can maximize the coordination of design, production, installation and other links, improve the design efficiency, and reduce the entire construction cycle.The BIM model can also be used to better manage costs, logistics and material consumption, including more economical and efficient pre-fabricated material coordination in advance.

But will be more focus on precast industry research and development and the construction of the automatic production line, nurture excellence spirit, the spirit of labor model and craftsmen production and site assembly line in a factory, building an army of knowledge, skilled, innovative construction industry, to become the international line construction enterprises, and to promote the "manufacturing power" to make due contributions.MDM has advanced technology, management, planning and coordination capabilities, and is determined to continuously research and develop the latest construction technology and methods, cooperate with the company's procurement and production, actively optimize the construction process, further improve the cost efficiency, and lay a good foundation for long-term development.

MDM's vision is to improve the built environment through prefabricated building components, and its mission is to develop buildable solutions to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable development.

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