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                                                                      BIM engineer

The job description

1. Use BIM software for modeling, drawing and collision checking;

2. Responsible for cooperating with the project and construction unit to deal with BIM related matters;

3. Responsible for daily drawing and model maintenance of BIM model;

4. Good teamwork spirit, strong sense of responsibility and ability to work under pressure;

5. Accept short-term business trips.

Job specification

1. College degree or above, majored in civil engineering, water supply and drainage, structure or other related majors;

2. 2 years or above BIM project experience, construction and design experience is preferred, fresh graduates may also be considered;

3. Solid basic professional knowledge, familiar with the norms and procedures of the major;

4. Master AutoCAD software, Revit, navisworks and other BIM software.

5. Basic English reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, experience in building BIM team is preferred.

                                                BIM electrical and mechanical supervisor

The job description

1. Responsible for the BIM design management of the department, led the team members to complete the BIM design tasks assigned by the company, and mainly completed the BIM design of mechanical and electrical pipelines;

2. Responsible for organizing the implementation of the department's BIM electromechanical system construction planning, the department's BIM work planning and related implementation work;

3. Responsible for organizing the selection, construction and maintenance of BIM hardware and software platform and database;

4. Solid basic knowledge, familiar with the norms of this major and the development trends of the industry, strong research spirit of professional knowledge;

5. Be able to control the progress of BIM model construction for electromechanical specialty, and timely update BIM collaborative standards, professional templates and family database construction.

Job specification

1. Bachelor degree or above in architecture, structure, water supply and drainage, electrical, hvac, computer, mechanical or related majors, rich BIM design experience and team management experience for more than three years, proficient in BIM design;

2. At least 3 projects with more than 50,000 square meters of experience;

3. Proficient in AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks, Achicad and other BIM related software;

4. Experience in leading the team to complete BIM electromechanical design, with successful cases preferred;

5. Professional, practical, serious and rigorous, with good communication and coordination skills and certain team management ability;

6. Have experience in BIM technology application, including modeling, construction simulation, engineering quantity, etc.

                                                                       BIM intern

The job description

1. Completed the drawing and modification of CAD drawings according to the requirements of superiors;

2. Participated in Revit modeling and completed Revit component drawing on this basis;

3. Assist and cooperate with the production work of the factory;

Plan your work and use your spare time to improve your professional skills and abilities.

Job specification

1. Full-time college students majoring in architecture, structure, water supply and drainage or above;

2. Proficient in Autodesk CAD, able to complete drawing tasks assigned by superiors;

3. Have a certain understanding of BIM related software, and be able to master the basic operation of BIM software;

4. Have great passion for the application of BIM technology and aspire to work in this field;

5. Capable of daily English dialogue and document processing;

6. Internship for 3 consecutive months or more;

7. Upon completion of the internship, you can apply for a probationary position after passing the comprehensive assessment.

Interested parties please send your resume (including the date of arrival, current and expected salary) to hr@mdmg.hk

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