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    APP is composed of project management, work and address book. It is an accessory tool for company quality control and management.

    Project management includes design department, production department, quality inspection department, procurement department, warehousing department and security department. It is our internal product management, production process, quality control personnel, safety personnel supervision, step by step, to strictly control the product in place. At the same time, it is also a product quality traceability system, aiming at the information content of the project, so that customers can better understand the actual situation. At the same stage, our managers will record and upload the corresponding project status, such as product drawings, material information, size data of product on-site inspection, experimental records, etc., to achieve synchronization, transparency of information, so that product quality can be further guaranteed. Customers can search for product content in APP or scan product two-dimensional code/NFC directly to view product content.

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